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Illinois Real Estate Is Governed By Extensive Statutory And Case Law

For over 30 years, attorney Mark P. Standa has represented both plaintiffs suing real estate professionals and real estate professionals defending against suits brought by house purchasers who had “issues” with their real estate agent or broker in connection with their purchase of both new and previously occupied houses.

There is an extensive body of statutory and case law in Illinois that governs and controls the legal relations among house purchasers, real estate agents and brokers. The Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000 is the starting point for the analysis of the rights, duties and obligations of the parties to any real estate transaction. The Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act also provides consumer protection for house/condo purchasers. The Illinois common law also provides viable causes of action and still some defenses. Attorney Standa has successfully defended homeowners, real estate agents and brokers who sued under both of these statutes as well as the common law.

Bringing A History Of Successful Litigation To Each Case

Mr. Standa successfully prosecuted a lawsuit against a realtor and her broker in connection with his clients’ purchase of a supposedly “brand new” house which — unbeknownst to the plaintiffs and not disclosed by the seller or the seller’s real estate agents — sustained basement flooding twice while the house was being shown and marketed for sale at open houses and otherwise.

After the damaged basement flooded twice more within the first six months after the plaintiffs purchased it and moved in, they hired Mr. Standa to investigate. Eventually, he filed suit against the architect, builder, developer, civil engineer as well as the real estate agent and her broker. Before trial, all of the defendants paid a settlement except the real estate agent and her broker. These defendants argued that they did not owe the purchasers any duty to disclose their actual knowledge of the prior basement flood water damage.

The trial judge, in this bench trial, rejected the defendants’ arguments, and the trial resulted in a verdict on all counts against the real estate agent and broker, who were found guilty of violating both the Real Estate License Act of 2000 and the Consumer Fraud Act. During the course of the defendants’ appeal, the case was settled for a confidential amount greater than the judgments the trial judge entered.

Get Sound Legal Representation For Your Real Estate Matter

If you encounter any real estate malpractice issues, including failure to disclose, in connection with the sale or purchase of real estate, get an experienced lawyer to help you. Attorney Standa can provide you with sound legal advice no matter which side of the transaction you are on. He is also available to counsel real estate agents and brokers as needed, both to avoid problems and deal with problems already apparent.

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