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Representing Employers And Employees In Employment Law Matters

If you have questions regarding your employment or one of your employees, Mark P. Standa, P.C., is the law firm to contact for well-rounded legal perspectives. The firm has represented both employers and employees in a wide range of employment law matters, including employment contract disputes, termination disputes, noncompete issues, trade secret issues and negotiating severance agreements. Attorney Mark P. Standa knows the law applying to both employers and employees. The firm’s clients benefit from Mr. Standa’s knack for anticipating what opposing counsel is thinking and for adjusting the legal strategy accordingly.

Employment Agreements For A Firm Legal Foundation With Your Employees

The firm helps employers and their employees get started on firm legal footing by drafting and negotiating clear and effective employment agreements that will govern the duties, rights and expectations of both parties — the employer and the employee. The firm has experience handling employment agreements that parties wish to renew with adjustments regarding compensation, insurance coverage, noncompete agreements and severance agreements.

Clear Negotiation For Severance Agreements

No matter which side you are on in negotiating a severance agreement, you need a lawyer who knows your rights in crafting a separation agreement between parties agreeing to terminate their employer-employee relationship. If you are an employee who is being “let go,” you can get the advice you need regarding your rights, as well as your options. Mr. Standa has the knowledge and skill you need to negotiate the best severance package possible for you.

Discrimination Matters Governed By State And Federal Laws

Mr. Standa will represent either an employer or employee in cases involving racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, age discrimination and religious discrimination.

Wrongful Termination Cases

If you feel you were fired from a job for reasons that were suspect, or if you are an employer who laid off someone who later filed a wrongful termination suit, call Mr. Standa. He has successfully represented parties on both sides of cases like yours and is well-suited to represent your side.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance<

The firm has experience representing employer clients in cases involving discrimination or sexual harassment claims at companies under the common law and Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) policies.

Contact A Law Firm With The Extensive Employment Law Experience You Need

Mark P. Standa, P.C., has the extensive background in employment law that you need for comprehensive and thorough representation of your case. Email the firm to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Mr. Standa is able to meet with clients by appointment after normal business hours. Call the firm in Lake Forest at 847-295-5544.