Legal Malpractice

Chicago, Illinois Legal Malpractice Attorney

Attorney Mark Standa zealously represents clients in Legal Malpractice claims. Many lawyers will not take Legal Malpractice claims against fellow lawyers, but Mr. Standa has had experience both defending lawyers and suing lawyers and their law firms in malpractice claims, so he knows the types of acts or omissions that can produce Legal Malpractice. In addition, Mr. Standa has successfully defended various lawyers and law firms in legal malpractice actions.

A few of the more common types of law suits for Legal Malpractice involve:

The above failures are usually caused by: 1) lack of experience in the area of law; 2) legal complexity exceeds lawyer's competence; 3) general incompetence, produced by age or drugs; 4) criminal behavior. For more information, see Professional Liability.